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At New York City based GS Fitness Boot Camp, our experienced trainers will give you the motivation, exercise guidance and support needed to make you a healthier version of yourself.  You'll experience changes to your body that will help boost your energy level, melt away unhealthy extra pounds, increase your strength with lean muscle and improve your overall health.   Add in your determination and the built in encouragement that comes from working out with a fun group of people, who are focused just like you with getting into great shape, and you have an excellent formula for your body to respond with RESULTS that you can SEE and FEEL.


It's been a month since I've started and I can say it's a good workout experience that is already helping my body.  I have a lot of back problems and the workouts are alleviating pain and strengthening my back.  It's been a good experience for me.
Aude W.

Get 3 Free Sessions of the Body ReNew Workout